Structure and staff :

The SISLEP will therefore have wings based on the objectives discussed earlier, viz. School Leadership, Educational Planning and Management, Educational Finance. The Institute will be headed by a Director and he / she would be supported by teams for the above three wings. This proposal will have to be approved by the EC.
SISLEP would be an autonomous institution and the director would report to the EC. The interface with the offices of the CPI, DSERT, SSA would be defined clearly in the rules and regulations of SISLEP, such that while SISLEP would clearly work in coordination with these institutions, it will also work with universities ,NGOs and Research institutions, it would retain its autonomy in prioritizing and planning its work. The influence of the other institutions would be through the EC, in working out its overall plans and priorities, and not so much at an operational or transactional level, which must be under the control of the SISLEP director and the management team at SISLEP.
The selection of Director and core faculty is by the government by virtue of seniority in the department. It would be preferable to select the director through a selection committee so that the best possible person for the position is selected, on the lines of the State Resource Centers setup by GOI. It is suggested that an officer of the cadre of JD/DDPI be deputed to work with the SISLEP Director and one SADPI / ADPI cadre officer deputed to each wing of SISLEP in addition to core faculty. This is required to provide the necessary linkages to the department and ensure relevance and value of work designed and implemented. While there would need to be at least one core faculty in each unit of SISLEP, who is either employed or on long term tenure with SISLEP, additional requisite staff will be drawn by hiring state or national level consultants who may be paid consolidated salaries for the period for which they are hired or a retainer ship for each project. This will be covered under the program cost.
There is a need for a framework to enable entry and exit of SISLEP officers. This circulation of staff would help in getting fresh perspectives for the unit. The other advantage is that officers experienced in concepts and practice would go back to the department and plough their skills and experience into departmental work. There  would also be a need to have defined and formal mechanisms to allow people who do not fit into the unit work profile, to exit and move to a more relevant department within their organization.

Structure and staff: The staffing pattern is as follows.

  • Director of SISLEP
  • Senior Assistant Director of Public Instruction(Sanctioned Post).
  • Assistant Director of Public Instruction(Sanctioned Post) .
  • Specialist in School Leadership, Educational Planning & Management (Associate Professor cadre)
  • Specialist in Educational Finance (Assistant Professor cadre)
  • Training Co-ordinator (Assistant Professor cadre)
  • Computer operator/Technician/MIS facilitator
  • Clerk/Files Manager/PS to Hon. Director/(Two)
  • Attender/Despatch Worker (Two)

At present SISLEP  is headed by a Director of Public Instruction and the post is sanctioned by the Government of Karnataka and he is in  position from 24th December 2010.

Dharwad is a district Headquarters has Karnataka University and University of Agricultural Sciences,and NGOs  besides enlightened faculty available to SISLEP for running its programs.
At present the following staff are working in SISLEP on deputation,

    • One First Division Assistant and One Second Division Assistant