Concept Note :

The organization and management of primary and secondary education is a complex talk.  With increased development of resources for universalization of quality elementary education and strengthening of secondary education, the complexity of tasks involved in planning and management is growing. The National Education Policy (NPE) 1986 and the Programme of Action, 1992 have discussed the issues and concerns relating to Educational  Planning and Management . The key points covered by these documents include:

  1. Decentralization and involvement of people at all levels in education administration.
  2. Need to overhaul the system of planning and management of education.
  3. Long term planning and management perspective of education, its integration with country’s development needs.
  4. Networking with all agencies of education at Government  and non-Government levels
  5. Primacy of building leadership and managerial capacities among the state education planners, administrators and heads of institutes.

In order to address the above concerns and for achievement of other objectives setting up of the State Institute of Educational Management and Training (SIEMAT) was considered.   In Karnataka SIEMAT is named as State  Institute  for  School  Leadership  Educational  Planning and Management (SISLEP). SISLEP has started functioning in 2010. It is located in Dharwad, 480 kms away from Bangalore, as Dharwad is  centrally located place in the state. To start with  infrastructural facilities available in the DIET are being used for the functioning of the SISLEP. Director of SISLEP has been working since more than a year.

>> SISLEP Brouchure for download(in Kannada)